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The Potatoz
The Potatoz

The Potatoz

By 0x105E...8Cd3

9,999 SMALL SPECIES LEADING THE WAY TO MEMELAND. A long time ago, in a memetaverse far, far away… Memeland was a deserted land unsuitable for life. Until [redacted] years ago, early lifeforms started to appear. Memeland's first residents, it turns out, were a bunch of Potatoz. Who left the Potatoz there? The Potatoz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs. Each Potatoz is your entry ticket into the great Memeland ecosystem. They make for a great side dish, but some may feel a calling to become the main course. Rumour has it they are secretly related to the Memelist, $MEME, MVP, and more!

103,918,886.7822 USD

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Potatoz #9633

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